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Congratulations to our lucky number winners!

Our 2017 winners

Maui Wedding winners Whitney & Seth
Married June 27, 2017

We couldn't be more happy with choosing Precious Maui Weddings! We chose to do a small destination wedding and wanted to focus most of our attention on our once-in-a-lifetime family trip. Deanne made that happen for us! Everything was perfect and our pictures were beautiful. Even if our names weren't chosen for the 2017 drawing, we'd still recommend Precious Maui Weddings!

Maui Hawaii wedding coordinator

Our 2016 winners

Maui Wedding winners John & Shana
Married April 16, 2016

We are so very excited to be the 2016 winner. Our whole experience with Precious Maui Weddings was very easy and stress free. The location was absolutely beautiful. We couldn't have asked for a more special day. Thank you so much, Deanne and crew, you guys are amazing!

Maui Hawaii wedding coordinator

Our 2015 winners

Maui Wedding winners Alexandra & Baron Donnell
Married June 4, 2015

Aloha Deanne,

We want to thank you and your team for your wonderful coordination with arranging our special day and making it so intimate and memorable for us. It was everything we expected to be and more. Adam and Todd did such an amazing job. We loved Todd's photography ideas and Adam was the perfect minister for us. We couldn't ask for a better team. We want to thank everyone at Precious Maui Weddings for the precious Maui experience. We were so thrilled to hear that we were the lucky 2015 winners to win a $500.00 airline voucher. And we can't wait to revisit the islands.

Mahalo, Alexandra and Baron Donnell

Maui Hawaii wedding coordinator

Our 2014 winners

Maui Wedding winners Huan Zhang & Peng Wei
Married September 16, 2014

Deanne helped us arrange our entire Maui wedding ceremony through emails and phone calls. On our wedding day, the whole process went really smooth and hassle-free, which is exactly what we needed because we had a tight tour schedule in Maui. Deanne found the perfect venue, minister, guitar player, flower settings and photo/video team. Our wedding was absolutely a wonderful experience. We appreciate the kind help and huge effort from Deanne and her colleagues from Precious Maui Weddings. Thank you for the wonderful wedding and the airline gift certificate!

Maui Hawaii wedding coordinator

Our 2013 winners

John & Veronica Negrini
Married May 11, 2013

(Video clip created by John & Veronica)

Maui Wedding winners Aloha everybody. We are John & Veronica Camille and we are from Long Beach California and on May 11, 2013 with the help of Precious Maui Weddings we got married on the beautiful island of Maui.

We were originally going to get married here in Long Beach, but the planning of it was so hectic and stressful. We couldn't book our church for the day we wanted. We were trying to decide what food to serve. How many people we could invite. Sending out invitations, decorations, flowers, photographer. There is so much to think about, everything is so expensive.

When we were dating my wife told me her dream was to get married on the beach in paradise. So I did some research and that's when I found Deanne and Precious Maui Weddings. They had the nicest website, the best wedding packages and the most reasonable prices. So we hired Deanne to do our wedding and it was the best decision we made.

Deanne took care of everything for us from the permits and paperwork. She helped us pick the location. She made sure we had directions. She had a girl come to the hotel and do hair and makeup for my wife who looked absolutely gorgeous. We had a beautiful sunset wedding. Our wedding was truly elegant from the minister, to the gorgeous flowers, the violin, the photographer and videographer. The wedding cake was delicious. The butterflies being released, fancy glasses for champagne toast, and the bouquet were all picture perfect. Precious Maui Weddings made our wedding into an unforgettable dream come true.

Because we hired Deanne we were able to just relax and everything was stress free. All we needed to do was show up with our guests and enjoy our special day. Our wedding was truly heavenly.

Maui is beautiful and peaceful and serene. It's the perfect place to have your wedding and honeymoon, and the best part about getting married in Maui is you're already on your honeymoon. You're already unpacked and settled in — you can just go straight from your wedding and start your honeymoon!

Since we got married there, Maui holds a special place in our hearts and we promised ourselves that we would return soon. So when Deanne called us and told us we won her contest and a $1000 airline voucher, we were so excited and happy. Now we have free tickets to go back to Maui for our anniversary!

Mahalo Deanne and Aloha everybody!

Maui Hawaii wedding coordinator

Our 2012 winners

Maui Wedding winners Leslie & Chris Palmer
Married April 12, 2012

When the day came that I knew I would marry my best friend, I also knew I wanted to always remember our special day together. We were both set on simple, but memorable. When we decided to get married in Maui, just he and I, I was so blessed to find Precious Maui Weddings! Deanne was available for me anytime I needed her for anything! There is a 5 hour difference between Maui and Tennessee, so her being there when I called was truly a blessing! She coordinated our photographer, videographer, our appointment for our marriage license, and she even made sure to find a Minister for us since we wanted a religious ceremony. The best though, was when I told her we had our hearts set on getting married at Kapaluah Bay, she rearranged her day to accommodate our wishes. She had already made arrangements for that day, but was more than willing to change her plans for us! I knew then, we would have the perfect wedding day! Chris and I could not have been happier with our trip to Maui, and the perfect ceremony on our unforgettably breath taking wedding day.

There isn't a day that goes by since we have been home that I don't dream of Maui and all it's glorious beauty! Maui is forever in our hearts, and every time we share our photos or video, we relive the most happy, gorgeous, and blessed day of our lives! When I got a call yesterday from Deanne, telling me we had been drawn to win a $1000 airline gift card, I was so thrilled! I had already been planning our 1 year anniversary trip, and now we had free airfare to look forward to! Wow! I couldn't believe it! I believe I thanked Deanne a million times before I let her off the phone!

We will never forget our experience with Deanne and Precious Maui Weddings! I will always share a story of happiness when I share the story of our wedding day, and thanks to Deanne, it was stress free!

Maui Hawaii wedding coordinator

Our 2011 winners

Maui Wedding winners Kelly & Joel Corlazzoli
Married November 11, 2011

November 11, 2011 was one of the happiest days of my life; I married my best friend with the help of Precious Maui Weddings. In attendance were 45 of our family members and closest friends at Makena Cove Beach in Maui.

When Joel proposed I was elated meanwhile, like most women, thinking in the back of my mind — finally :). Joel and I always said, "When we get married we want to have a destination wedding on the beach with our family and friends". After the proposal, the first thing we thought was...okay, definitely Maui, but now what? How do we find a good wedding planner? How do we organize all the things having a wedding entails?

After little research, we came across "Precious Maui Weddings" and we never looked back. The reviews, the packages, the ease to which communication occurred between me and Deanne from the start was phenomenal. I began by writing an outline of what our vision of our wedding would be; Makena Cove, lei exchange, traditional Hawaiian wedding ceremony, pictures, video and natural Hawaiian flowers you name it.

Living on Vancouver Island, one can imagine some stress in planning a wedding via emails and the occasional telephone message, but Deanne knew exactly what kind of bride I was and she made the planning virtually stress-free. Deanne was incredibly helpful in working with us to make some small changes to our wedding package.

Deanne assisted us to find a location for our Dinner, she provided valuable information regarding schedules not to mention she also suggested we have some guests bring water due to the weather and timing of ceremony.

Our wedding day was amazing, our minister Adam was hilarious, and he had everyone smiling throughout the ceremony. Joel and I especially liked that he arrived to the wedding on a Harley! He had so much flare, despite our nervousness of standing in front of so many people, he kept us laughing and relaxed as much as possible throughout the entire ceremony.

We were fortunate to have Deanne in attendance at the wedding, it was a busy day for weddings (11/11/11) and she came to help out with ours. I think a big reason she came was the large group we had for the wedding.

Overall, Precious Maui Weddings was top notch. I imagine that Deanne is busy throughout the entire year, yet she provides such comfort and ease through communication by email, telephone and in person once we arrived to Maui. She is definitely one of a kind, she adds a special touch to all the lives' she encounters in her work. Our family and friends could not have been more impressed and happy for us to have had such a wonderful experience in the planning and outcome of our wedding day. To be completely honest, there is nothing I would change about how the wedding day went, it was a dream come true.

On January 15, 2012 we received a telephone call from Deanne, stating "I have exciting news for you", this left us excited and wondering. Firstly, excited to have the opportunity to again thank Deanne for such a wonderful day, she touched the hearts of us and our wedding guests. Secondly, we were wondering about what the exciting news could be. We won our airfare back to Maui; I could have cried I was so happy. I can't wait to return to one of my favourite places on earth.

Mahalo to Deanne for everything, for your help to make our day so special in paradise, it was definitely the happiest day of our lives' and you will always be remembered.

O ke aloha ka 'iu. Love is paradise.
Kelly & Joel Corlazzoli, Nanaimo BC, Canada

Maui Hawaii wedding coordinator

Our 2010 winners

Maui Wedding winners Mark & Leyna Janus
Married December 3, 2010

What a completely wonderful experience! Deanne and Precious Maui Weddings far exceeded all of our expectations. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for such stress-free, thorough planning and performance.

We planned our wedding from the East Coast, and Deanne could not have been more patient, friendly, and accommodating. She added a genuine personal touch that truly sets her apart from the rest. When we asked for some custom changes to our package, she nailed every detail. When we asked for suggestions, she gave us several great options, even if unrelated to our event. When we saw the beyond-scenic Makena Cove location she helped us select for our ceremony we knew we chose the right woman for the job!

Our minister Adam had a wonderful personality and added beauty and flair to our big moment, while relaxing us at the same time. Paul the guitar player set a soothing backdrop and even sang an original, romantic song to bless our new marriage. Donald the photographer was the consummate professional. We were thrilled with the first-rate customer service, and the way he was able to get everyone attending through as many wonderful poses as he did while racing against the setting sun.

We will forever enjoy memories of a perfect wedding day; we owe it all to Deanne and Precious Maui Weddings. I swear she even made sure the weather cooperated fully, and we benefitted from the best December weather any of us had ever experienced.

Imagine our surprise when things improved! Right after the New Year, Deanne called to tell us that we won their 2010 Promotion and we will receive an airline voucher to return to Hawaii! We can't wait to come back to celebrate our future anniversary!

Mahalo for everything Deanne!

Maui Hawaii wedding coordinator

Our 2009 winners

Maui Wedding winners Patrick & Kristina Hammer
Married August 13, 2009

Deanne and everyone at Precious Maui Weddings,

Thank you for making our special day so perfect and amazing. We thought it was going to be hectic trying to plan a wedding from over 3,000 miles away, but you guys made it simple and very easy. Once we got to Hawaii we were completely stress free. Deanne and everyone at Precious Maui Weddings did such an awesome job supplying us with a minister, flowers, cake, a photographer, and the permit for our beach wedding, with just a short notice too. Our location at Makena Cove was absolutely beautiful and better than expected! The minister did and amazing job and seemed like a genuine guy. He even had a great sense of humor that calmed our nerves. The flowers were beautiful and exotic, just like everything else in Hawaii is. The cake was probably the best cake we have ever had, and can't wait to our one year anniversary to finish it. The photographer, Nancy, was a very sweet lady that took priceless pictures that will last us a lifetime and we can share with families and friends for times to come. The best thing about Precious Maui Weddings had to be the people; they are kind hearted and very sweet. Deanne has to be the sweetest person we have ever met. Out of all the wedding planners we researched in Hawaii, we would recommend Precious Maui Weddings hands down. We plan to visit Hawaii again in 2010 because they made our stay so very special and they made us feel at home.

Thank you Deanne and everyone at Precious Maui Weddings, you guys are true professionals!

Patrick and Kristina Hammer

Maui Hawaii wedding coordinator

Our 2008 winners

Maui Wedding winners Don & Rosanne Valenzuela

To say that our wedding on the beach in Wailea was picture-perfect or that this was a dream come true is an understatement. Much in the way that you can't put into words the love that you have for one another is the feeling we get when we try to describe our wedding. When we began, we knew only that our journey together would start on a beach in Hawaii. After some research and a godsend of a recommendation from friends, we spoke with Deanne at Precious Maui Weddings. From that first contact, we felt confident that everything would be arranged according to our wishes. Her recommendations, the ease of which she answered our questions and addressed our concerns, her choice of the minister and photographer (who were both totally awesome), and the line of communication she kept open over the months of anticipation were priceless. When we finally arrived on the island, everything was in motion to make our wedding day the most memorable and stress-free imaginable.

It was apparent from the start that this was not just a business to Deanne. She is exuberant in the pride she shares of her homeland and has genuine warmth and caring for the people she works with. Deanne is blessed to be one of those persons who make you feel like you've known her forever and that you're family. We look forward to re-visiting her and her beautiful island paradise on many anniversaries to come and, thanks to the generosity of Precious Maui Weddings and their airline promotion giveaway, we'll be heading back there very soon!

Mahalo, Deanne and everyone at Precious Maui Weddings, for everything. You'll forever be in our hearts and memories!

Maui Hawaii wedding coordinator

Our 2007 winners

Maui Wedding winners Jessica & Nick Harris
Married April 28, 2007

For most people, planning and preparing for a wedding is one of the most stressful times of their lives and unfortunately the stress carries into what is supposed to be the most magical, memorable day of their lives. Having Precious Maui Weddings plan and coordinate our special day was one the smartest things we could have ever done. PMW was extremely affordable compared to other wedding planners, and the friendly customer service Deanne provided us was worth double what we paid. I boast to my friends explaining how easy and enjoyable my wedding was and people are green with envy when they see the beautiful pictures of our perfect wedding in paradise. Deanne took care of everything and gave us the opportunity to enjoy the most memorable day of our lives... stress-free!

We recently got an unexpected phone call from PMW announcing that we had won in a promotional drawing for an airline voucher! Since we moved to the mainland after our wedding, this was the best surprise we could have ever received because now we are able to come back and revisit this magical island and spend our anniversary where it all began! Just when we thought Precious Maui Weddings could not get any better... they surprised us again with such an amazing gift!

Mahalo for everything Precious Maui Weddings!

Maui Hawaii wedding coordinator

Our 2006 winners

Maui Wedding winners Jamie and Tiffany Hazlewood
San Diego, CA
(Married July 7, 2006 in Wailea, Maui, HI)

When we decided to get married in Maui many people wondered how we were going be able to plan it all the way from San Diego. We were determined to do so in spite of how hard it might be and were so happy to find out that it wasn't difficult at all. Deanne at Precious Maui Weddings made all of our decision making easy by being there to provide us with the insight of a "Maui local". She truly knows the island of Maui and she also knows how to successfully organize a fabulous event.

When we arrived in Maui everything was exactly how we had imagined it to be. The location was absolutely breathtaking! (both the ceremony and reception were held at the Seawatch Restaurant.) The photographer was more than we could've asked for (Nancy Nelson), the officiate was perfect (Adam Gomes), the videographer was very accommodating (Chivo), the flowers were beautiful, the musicians set the perfect mood...I could go on and on. But, most fabulous of all was the way Deanne interacted with us, with our family and our friends...she made everyone feel so comfortable.

We will always remember our wedding as the most beautiful and wonderful day of our lives, and I honestly don't think that we could've done it without Precious Maui Weddings.

Now, to make us love them even MORE, they have drawn our names in the drawing for free flights back to Maui! It is just icing on the cake, because now we can come back to Maui for our one year anniversary!

Thank You So Much Precious Maui Weddings!

Maui wedding testimonial

Andrea & Jay

NOVEMBER 29, 2016

My husband and I wed at Kapalua Bay Beach on November 29, 2016, and it couldn't have turned out more perfect thanks to Deanne's vision to make our special day as memorable as we could have hoped for. We traveled from New York City to Maui for our ceremony/honeymoon and we just knew from our initial conversation with Deanne over the phone, while planning our wedding, how detail oriented she is. Not a single aspect was overlooked and all our requests were met. She truly makes your vision come to life and knows exactly how to handle your concerns gracefully and respectfully. In addition to Deanne, our minister Adam Gomes, our photographer Jennifer Joswick (Marbelle), and even our limo driver "Toe" were part of what made our day so much more fun. Individually, they all brought positive, genuine charisma and energy that blended into the whole ritual, manifesting a joyous wedding experience.

Thank you to all and especially to Deanne at Precious Maui Weddings.


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