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Doves & Butterflies

When you're celebrating your Maui destination wedding, putting the final touches on your ceremony shouldn't stress you out. Why not release white doves or monarch butterflies into the air as a closing part of your day? Precious Maui Weddings not only has the best wedding packages in Maui, but our variety of additional services caters to your every need. Our Dove & Butterfly services offer a one of a kind touch to your already magical Maui moment.


White doves have been regarded as a symbol of eternal love, peace, fidelity and purity of heart. The release of white doves can add a great meaning to your wedding day. White dove service prices are as follows:

  • 10 - White doves released after ceremony: $165


Butterflies have long symbolized major life changes. A butterfly release is a perfect way for you and your guests to celebrate your marriage. Monarch Butterfly service prices are as follows:

  • 12 - Hawaiian Monarch butterflies: $120

Prices may vary depending on each vendor and the type of service you may require.
Prices may be subject to change and do not include Hawaii State Tax.

Maui wedding testimonial

Andrea & Jay

NOVEMBER 29, 2016

My husband and I wed at Kapalua Bay Beach on November 29, 2016, and it couldn't have turned out more perfect thanks to Deanne's vision to make our special day as memorable as we could have hoped for. We traveled from New York City to Maui for our ceremony/honeymoon and we just knew from our initial conversation with Deanne over the phone, while planning our wedding, how detail oriented she is. Not a single aspect was overlooked and all our requests were met. She truly makes your vision come to life and knows exactly how to handle your concerns gracefully and respectfully. In addition to Deanne, our minister Adam Gomes, our photographer Jennifer Joswick (Marbelle), and even our limo driver "Toe" were part of what made our day so much more fun. Individually, they all brought positive, genuine charisma and energy that blended into the whole ritual, manifesting a joyous wedding experience.

Thank you to all and especially to Deanne at Precious Maui Weddings.


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